Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cutting through a cloud of dust...

The Outlaws get themselves a nice boost with this light support vehicle making dust clouds across the Weird West.  It's the Dust Cutter!!

It has three different gun mounts.  Some are cheaper in terms of points, but are a bit less 'killy'.  You can even go with a flamethrower option on this speedy vehicle.

It also has the ability to drop down some mines, including an incredibly powerful monster that is strength 20.  Best not to fool around too close to one of those, or they are gonna carry you home in your hat.

It's one of the fastest non-flying units in the game, so it would be interesting to see a group of these on the table at the same time.  If you did have three or even four in a larger game, would it be worthwhile to have different weapons mounted.  That might be something to explore down the line.

Since this was quite similar in some of the shapes to the Flame Truck, I tried to treat the wheels in the same manner.  That is, the combination of Secret Weapon orange wash, Reaper Brown Liner paint, and some other burnt sienna type colors.

I think at least two of these at once would be ideal.  One is just too easy to take out, even with its high armor.  A pair of them roaming around the table herding enemy units into killing zones sounds like a lot of fun!!

I will also take some side by side shots with the completed Blackjack light support to show you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Gambling on the rails!

Yes indeed, folks... Lathan has been VERY busy!

He has been creating epic new kits, buildings, furniture and more rail cars.

This is the 'civilian' version of the train engine, as well as a very cool casino car.

There are many amazing things about this rail car.  

Getting the rounded edges like these is a huge challenge... and Lathan loves challenges.  He eats them for breakfast.

But wait... you open it up, and there's even more wonders inside!

I love the pattern on the floor.  No need to hunt down rug patterns on Google and print them out!

But the real action is captured in the roulette wheel set!

Get your chips on the table and place your bets!!

I'm betting that painting this kit will be a BLAST!

This is one of a few new rail cars that I will be painting in the coming months, so stay tuned.  And stop by Burn In Designs and say hi to Lathan. :-)

Lucky Seven

Back to the Napoleanics, with a set og group shots.

The blue line is now the green line!

Heading the other way...

Where are they headed now?

Let's ride!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What do you mean you've run out of doggie treats?

Bow wow!  Today we have a CCLE-K9 from Wild West Exodus.

This is a Mercenary sidekick who can work with a variety of factions.  He's very fast, and he has some nasty choppers!  With 3 action points, things get very interesting when these hounds are on the loose.  Typically a two action point character ends up strolling into close combat, but has to wait until the next turn to start swinging for real.

These metal minions are certainly fast enough to arrive on the scene with one action point to spare... hitting you with his fangs or his claws.  Did I mention that you can set these rovers to explode?

Sure thing.  If you think they are about to be KO'd, run them into a crowd, and set them off.  TNT with feet!  And fangs.

The Pink Flamingo is open for business!

With the Pink Flamingo ready for business, I wanted to get you some shots of the finished structure.

A few touches of weathering powders here and there were just enough to take the edge off.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this next to all the other buildings!

We used this two story building in a number of our earlier fights, but it has been set aside for a while until it had paint like the rest...

It was always a focal point of each fight, and I'm sure it will be again!

There are a number of new kits coming up from the genius of Burn in Designs.  Those will be splashing here as spring moves to summer.

The Bank is a two story structure like this, so that should lead to more interesting situations, since the only other pieces we had to match this height were the watchtower and the Water Tower.

So stay tuned for some fun images of the Flamingo in action!!!  And remember, go check out all these amazing kits at Burn in Designs.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Playing the hand you are dealt.

Meet Francesca James!  She's a fun Reaper miniature that I modified a bit with some RJ-1027 and a sniper scope.

She's mighty handy with that shootin' iron.

Best not to be cheating at cards when Fran's around!!!

This was a very fun experiment.  I look forward to making more furniture like this for our WWX games!!

Inside the Citadel

Tonight I have a big set of bases for you that I've been working on for a while.  These are for my Holy Order of Man posse.

This posse is so different from the others in the game, I wanted to create the most distinct style of basing possible.  A ruined temple/citadel look seemed to do the trick.

The blue marble also makes a nice contrast to the white robes of the characters, and to the brown and grey of the standard line troops.

The characters will be going on the more standard flat marble bases.

The line troops, or Spica, have ten different poses.  They tend to be somewhat dynamic, so this left a little more leeway for pillars and such.

I can't wait to see them on these bases!!!

The entire set...

These bases will hold the Sircans, Mimregs, Spica, and even a light support Spear of Light.

Stay tuned for these bases in action!!