Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Taming the West

Here's a fun miniature from Artizan Miniatures.  We used to have these represent our characters and the NPC's in our Deadlands adventures.

Some of you might recognize the color scheme from my Lawmen.  I'm not sure why I liked the white coats so much, but I thought it would be very fun.

I have also used him as a civilian in our games of Wild West Exodus.  I believe his name was Clyde.

The Wrath of Shobik

After countless centuries of looting and pillaging of his Tomb Cities, Pseusennes has decided, at last, to leave his Empire behind and pursue those treasures which have been taken.

Shobik was leading an army in the field against the Kindgoms of Men, hoping to seize all four of the statues which had been erected around the Artifacts.  While the bows and breath weapons of the Ahmuntites was grinding down the hapless men, it would not be enough.  They would have to leave those firing positions to take these objectives.

The Enslaved Guardian archers were chosen, and they were surged forward by incredibly powerful magic, aided by the Monolith nearby.  They were set upon immediately by a unit of knights.

However, this charge was not enough, and the great archers held!  This meant that the Bone Dragon could join in that fight, and slaughter the knights.

Fresh from the victory over the knights, units all across the field began to move towards the objectives, hoping to solidify those gains before the strong remaining combat units of Men could be brought to bear.

Those combat units, like the Beast, moved swiftly on the right flank, threatening to roll up the Ahmuntite position in one great sweep!

The Soul Snare had trapped many of the souls of men inside the daemonic marble floor at its base, but now it faced its own destruction, crushed by the blows of two massive beasts!

The dastardly gunpowder weapons of the Men had been blasting away chunks of the great Bone Dragon, as well as the lightning bolt of the hidden wizard.  It would be essential that the Dragon destroy this unit with its charge, lest lightning and lead bring him down once and for all! 

The anticipated hook from the right was now in full swing.  The winged Daemon leaped into the archer horde with sound and fury, but could not vanquish such a massive unit on his own.  His support had either left the field, or was moving back towards the statues.

This was a battle of extreme movement, and it ultimately turned completely around on itself.  Both sides had advanced deep into each others territory by the 5th and 6th turns.  Any small or damaged units risked imminent ruin.

The Cursed High Priest was able to use his magical breath to wipe out the last of the spear block, so the Winged Daemon would either have to wipe out entire units by himself, or fly towards one of the statues which was no being held by the horse archers.

This he did, smashing the skeletal horses and riders to pieces with his ensorcelled axe.

The Revenant Worm Riders slithered directly towards the statue which was being held by a horde of pikes.  Such was the damage to their morale from the incessant shooting by the archers, that block had no chance of holding against the fierce charge of the giant snakes!

The Bone giant had managed to clear out the gunners, while the Scavengers set the Standard Bearer ablaze.  The Bone Dragon must destroy the cannon, or it could possibly move towards the statue, therefore contesting it in case the battle should continue.

The roll for additional turns was made... and it was a six!  The combat would continue.

This would lead to the final showdown between Shobik and the Beast.  The Cursed High Priest weakened the beast of Men with his breath weapon, and then used his magic amulet... surging the great Idol directly into the beast!

Shobik would defeat the monster, and secure the statue at his feet.

Well past the mid point of the battle, the Men could lay claim to 3 of the 4 statues.  By the sixth turn, this had changed dramatically.  Still with the additional turn, the forces of Men might still be able to contest enough objectives (or kill units holding them) to force a draw.

However, the magic of Men proved no match for the eternally ancient sorcery of the Ahmuntites, and only the Daemon could create any possibility of turning the tide.  In the end, it would not be enough, and Shobik would bring three of the Artifacts back to Pseusennes.  The fourth was left abandoned on the field.

This army was very different from the first game.  Not only were there more archers, but their range and accuracy had been enhanced by magic items.  This is a very different mechanic than what I had become used to, but it is fantastic for creating more variety in an army!  The enhanced scavengers ultimately played a very different role with their own ranged attack.  They didn't have to risk destruction by attempting to supplement the charges of other units, leaving them exposed to fire and charges themselves.

I had not realized that shambling units can charge a full double move.  Not sure why I thought this was the case, but it made a big difference in how I played the last few turns.  It will certainly make a big difference moving forward as well.

I am working on many more units for the army, so that it changes dramatically in structure each game.  This is something that I really missed before, and I am so glad that it is possible in Kings of War!!  Stay tuned for another match up!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Seeing ghosts

When I was playing Lord of the Rings on a regular basis a few years back, I tried to incorporate my Army of the Dead into my 'Good' tournament force.  They were paired with Galadhrim elves.  It fit into the sort of my "Angry Elves" army, which refused to leave Middle Earth.

This stubborn refusal meant that they were willing to go to extraordinary lengths to stave of their many enemies.  These were primarily the Men of Easterlings. That was my "Evil" army.

Here's one of the test battles we fought with this arrangement:

I had a great deal of fun mixing in the fluorescent paints with the regular paints to not only create a glowing effect (as seen in the movie versions of Army of the Dead), but to accentuate the degraded and decayed clothing and armor.

He's also here:

Monday, February 8, 2016

Taking back what was Ours

The time has come for Pseusennes to take vengeance on all those who have quested in his Tomb Cities for centuries.  While the Chaos God has seen his wishes come to life, the Tainted Pharaoh has not.  Now he will seek to destroy those who looted his Tombs in their own lands.

Chief among these targets are the Kingdoms of Men.  All too often, precious artifacts were stolen and brought back to their stinking, filthy cities.

Shobik would once again stand at the forefront of Pseusennes' main strike force.

The dastardly, cowardly men had not only sought allies among the Daemons... they had with them a sorcerous scroll which decreed that even more of the Legions should deploy, allowing the Trickster to see where they would attack next in advance.

This time they would bring with them one of their dreaded engines of war, which had shattered many a construct during the looting of the Tomb Cities.

The forces of Pseusennes deployed in an arc, seeking not only to encircle the hapless Men, but also claim possession of as many of the stolen artifacts as possible.  The remains of four artifacts were contained inside four monuments that the Men had constructed around them.

The Scavengers and the chariots moved into a position of attack.  These great birds were given a magical breath weapon by the Cursed High Priest.  Could they get into position to destroy the gunpowder weaponry of the Men before it could be brought to bear?

The Great Worm Riders and the Bone Dragon aligned themselves for a counter assault on the Knights, which they knew must come.

The massive Daemon beast appeared on the other side of the woods from the Scavengers.  They would be crushed by this massive abomination if they did not manage to escape!  The Breath weapon infused within them was too valuable to lose so early.

Here we see the advance of the usurpers of all that had been precious in the Tomb Cities.  See that they advance only in great rabbles and mobs, a feeble attempt to give each other courage to stand up to Shobik and his warriors.

Shobik saw these mobs advancing on all fronts, and chose to make yet another sacrifice of the Enslaved Guardians.  They were pushed forward from their firing positions, which no longer could see the tiny monkey-like creatures moving between the trees.

The magical power was so great, so focused, that the Enslaved archers were moved nine inches forward!  The Monolith apparently had a great deal of magical force to bear!

Drawing inspiration from their battle standard, and the Beast, the Men charged forward and sent a unit of Revenant Chariots back into dust.

With great mobs of Men surging forward, backed up by wizard and cannon alike, could the Forces of the Tainted Pharaoh emerge victorious?

Find out in the next exciting episode!!!

Being a Good Host

We step back once again to reveal another of the old timey 4th edition Demonhunters army!

I had one Retinue with 3 of these Demonhosts, which never did much of anything, but they were fun to paint :-)

I wish that they did more killing of the enemy over the years.  The potential of their abilities was just too random.

I'm thinking these could be interesting in more of a fantasy setting now...

He's also here:

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Target Practice

It's been a while since I showed you one of the finished archers from the how to article.

These are from Red Box Games, of course.

Here's a link to the first of the 3 part series of articles!

I can see your future

Here's something that I discovered in the back of a cabinet... one of the last remaining converted Inquisitor Retinue figures.  My old 4th edition Demonhunters army had anywhere from one to 4 Inquisitor Retinues.  They were so much fun, and the Psykers definitely played a role.

This must be an old Warhammer Vampire counts figure or something along those lines.  I added the banner and a Libre Daemonicus to his collection of odds and ends.

I modernized a few of the painted areas a bit to see what he might look like after several years hiding away in the Warp!

He's also here: