Thursday, February 26, 2015

They're watching us...

Cowboys vs Aliens!  Yes indeed, the Watchers are one of the new factions which will be revealed, in more ways than one, in the upcoming Wild West Exodus kickstarter.

These tricksy aliens have been working behind the scenes for an untold number of centuries, but now they will emerge to engage Mankind in person!!

This is the first Boss of the Watchers, Alpha.

Obviously no reliance on RJ-1027 here, as they glow green...

I have heard that they have some mind blowing abilities that could make them one of the most unique factions I have seen in any game system.

More of the Little Grey Men...  The countdown continues!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Finding the Fountain Of Youth

With the Wild West Exodus kickstarter just days away, we have the first of four new faction leaders, or Bosses.  

Meet Ponce De Leon, who has apparently discovered the Fountain of Youth.  It's not the most pleasant process, but eternal youth has its purposes!

He leads the Golden Army, one of four new factions that will join the existing six.

I look forward to painting all of them, but painting an army with this style army will be a real blast!!!!

The cloak also involved one of my favorite color combinations... that is, a deep red lightened with a rotting flesh type of color.  This keeps the reds from getting too orange, but there is enough yellow in that greenish shade to prevent the cloak from becoming pink.

I used a more orange type of color to lighten the inside of the cloak, and I used a lot of Fluorescent yellow in the golds.  That gave it quite a sparkle, as always!

Obviously I included the Fluorescent orange in the RJ-1027 glow.

Riding in on the white horse...

Here he comes to save the day!  Well, maybe not.  but he is riding a white horse!

It was a rare and pleasant change of colors for the Napoleanic horses.

A few more command figures, and that's it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The business end of the Judgement

Time for some more views of the Death Wagon... the Lawmen Judgment Heavy Support.

I have a few views from above in this post...

This perspective shows the stuff going on with the rail gun and the freehand.

I am very glad I went with the darker color roof.  I knew that it would be a nice contrast to the orange glows, but it helped to make the metals of the sides appear a little lighter.

It's also fun to see the turret turning in these views!

As I have mentioned before, there's more freehand going on the sides of the vehicle, right above the wheels.

I look forward to seeing this vehicle in huge group shots with the rest of the posse.

Of course, we have the part about the Judgement that I love the most!!!  Get the hangin' crew ready!

All right Jesse... we have a spot reserved for you!!

Get a grip... tentacle time.

With the Sukubus Studios fabulous Blood Bowl team prepped and primed, I wanted to do something fun with the bases.  Yeah, you know me and bases. An addiction to the extreme.

I decided to make some broken marble bases, so that I could either paint demon faces into it, or glowing runes... or both!

I thought I would put a few Secret Weapon Miniatures skulls and torsos on a few of the bases to create even more variety between each one.

It's VERY important in Blood Bowl for each figure to be easily distinguished from each other.  Otherwise, it gets very confusing, and you start forgetting skills, etc.

The tentacles are going to be a bit more simple here, as I wanted them to fit in with what some of the miniatures have as hair, and so on.

The Secret Weapon parts made a nice base for extra tentacle arms!

What would Chaos bases be without a few random orifices. I will be adding more of these once the tentacles have set up.  That's a hard lesson we learned years ago with green stuff.  Do a little section at a time on a lot of figures, so that you avoid the temptation of messing around with the next step.

This usually leads to you destroying whatever fantastic thing you just sculpted.

Cathy found out years ago that if you manipulate the mixture of the green stuff, you can make it more sturdy, such as having a higher percentage of blue in the mix.  While you can't sculpt as many details into this, the very thin tentacles will be more likely to hold their shape as it cures!

I did this on the more "free standing" tentacles, such as this one.

In contrast, having more yellow in the mix makes it softer, and far easier to get nice details.

It's also a lot stickier than the predominantly blue mix, and that can serve as a 'glue' to anchor a tentacle or two!

I did that here, as I wanted to sculpt a few fine shapes on the marble, which would be a nice anchor for larger, free standing tentacles.

While wrapping the tentacle around a leg works very nicely for the theme of the basing, there is a practical side to this method.  There were a few miniatures that I could not pin to the bases, like this one.

So, the tentacle is providing a lot of extra stability for a miniature that will be knocked over many times... making it less likely to snap off the base.

I will be doing some eyeballs as well on the other bases when they cure!

What we have so far... tentacles curing, waiting for the next layers!

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Great Figure Forest and the Great Elk.

We continue with the Elk from Wild West Exodus.  With the general value pattern established, I want to get into certain areas and see which ones I want to emphasize more with a variety of contrast methods.

I also want to see how I should render the fur on the haunches.  Usually, I want to paint in some kind of subtle hints of fur strands, even if the sculpted surface is completely smooth.

This is where one of the more pristine of the #8 round brushes comes in!

I will use that to paint in subtle fur marking of various lighter colors.  These will also be "directional strokes", or brush strokes that follow the grain of the fur.

Again, I am not trying to make them too obvious... I just want to have an indication, especially since the mane has such an intense texture.

Working my way around the figure, adding a hint of warmer tan here and there...

Since he glows with the blue energy of the Great Spirit, it's time to break out the Vallejo fluorescent paint!

They are very transparent on their own, so you have to mix other colors in with them if you want them to be lighter.

Since I will be using lots of cooler blue colors on the face, making the horns more of a warm color is a great way to get some contrast without having to make them too bright.  So, some yellow, auburn and blue are mixed together.

The horns will be built up lighter than the final version, as usual, for the Shaded Bascoat.

Getting lighter.  Once the darker glazes have been placed over this, I will make more additions of greens and such...

The glow on the face is now as bright as it can be... so it's time to add darks around it!

Makes a big difference, that's for sure!  Instant contrast :-)  A blue/brown glaze mixture.

This is carried all around the mane, until it reached the shoulders.  At this point, I added some sepia into the glaze mix.

Set aside and left to dry out so that I can do the same process on the lower legs and horns!!

The Great Figure Forest.  All of these pieces are essentially in the Shaded Basecoat phase.

Wanna be scared?  There are three more "forests" just like this which I had to leave in the home studio.

And seedlings have been planted, which have already become hundreds of little saplings!

Be afraid, be very afraid.