Monday, December 5, 2016

Blade Runer

Most of the Dark Eldar I have been showing you lately have been the combination of new and old kits.  This time, it's all from the newer sprues.

There are certainly more dynamic poses in the more recent set of Kabal warriors, although this trends towards the 'leaning forward dramatically' style.  To keep them from looking like they are about to fall down, I tried to prop them up a little with the basing.

Those angled chunks on the base were just enough to straighten up the figure, and keep the dynamism of the original pose.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Eastern Knight

This is an Easterling in more of a 'standard' color scheme.  I didn't want the gold to be too shiny, or pristine.  There's a little more of a brassy look to it, which I felt would be a nice contrast to the two deeper red colors.

Speaking of the reds, the main tunic is shaded more towards purple, in order to create a bit of contrast to this deep purple.  That smaller area of red is warmer, lighter, and more saturated.

I also tried to incorporate greenish tones in the armor, which would give the reds one more 'opposing color' to create contrast.  this was also very muted, and toned down.

Combined with a few hints of grayish blue on the weapon, I think I have something that mirrors the appearance of the Easterlings in the shows as opposed to my own set of colors that I had done for my tournament army.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

A sniper in the building!

I have not done much with sniper teams in our games of Bolt Action thus far.  It's been difficult to get them in the ideal spot given the scenarios that we have been playing.  The new version of Bolt Action seems to make them a bit more interesting, especially if you put them on Ambush.

Of course, I would still have to roll that 4+ to be able to take advantage of that post turn potential shooting action.

These were also some of the original French miniatures that I started painting.  Looking back on them, it's very interesting to see how differently I work on these Bolt Action figures!

At the time I began working on these, I had been painting a lot of French Flames of War figures.  That had determined how I was going to base these guys, in Ardennes theme.

There's still a lot more French to come, including some anti-tank ground units!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Demons of the pitch

Continuing with the Sukubus studio demonette team, we see another example of limited palette exercise . 

There's a wide range of magenta and purple put to use... some of the tones tinted more reddish ,  others towards blue.

In addition, some of these tones are more saturated and intense, while others are quite muted in contrast.

It is these differences in tone and intensity that allowed me to organize a number of complex surfaces in a cohesive way, despite the limited color palette . 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Attack Mode

Here's another exercise in fluorescent paints, utilizing some sci-fi basing and a Gates of Antares trooper.

He's from the Isorian faction, part of an eight man squad . 

These views show the color transition on the upper body armor.  I wanted the colors on these upper areas to be darker and cooler, to better contrast with the green glow.

The brighter orange tones would have competed too much with my glow.  remember , contrast takes many forms ! 

It's not just lights and darks!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Death do us part...

Back to the Army of the Dead, and that very fun combination of bright fluorescent paints and weathering.

The initial layers were mostly variations of the fluorescent colors, a mixture of blues and greens.  Once these more saturated layers were in place, glazes of muted weathering tones were painted over the top.

I select areas, I went back in and did more work in the mid tones and highlights.  This allowed be to pick out a few spots where the colors were 'cleaner', and that helped to provide the ethereal appearance.

The weapons, shields and armor were the prime places to emphasize that weathering!  Stay tuned for more...

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hungarian Steel

From time to time, you have heard me mention an upcoming Hungarian army for my Bolt Action games.  While the infantry will come from a number of sources, Mad Bob's Miniatures supplies a handy array of vehicles.  I have some of these for you to look at in this post.

Let's begin with the Toldi II with spaced armor.  It is a light tank, but like many vehicles in the Hungarian army, it is of their own design.  

The Nimrod has a few different functions.  It comes with four metal crew members.

Here's the Turan II with mesh spaced armor.  It will be interesting to see if some of the alcohol based decal liquids will be able to 'melt' the decals into the recesses of the mesh.

If they are not successful, I will simply paint those in place.

I forgot to take some images of the decals, which are also available in the webstore.  Both the early war and later war insignia are available.  I think I may have to use both varieties, since the tanks that I have are focused more on the later war years.  This means using the simple white cross on the black square.

The Zrinyi is the largest of all the tanks, and may serve even more anti-infantry use in the version 2 rules.   I suppose that in certain cases this self propelled gun could take out a lighter tank, but I get the feeling that mobile HE will be vital to the defense of Budapest!

It is also heavily armored, not open topped.

There are some trucks that are also available, such as the Botond and Raba Ari.  I will try and get some of those to go along with the armor.  Speaking of armor, there also the Csaba armored car.

You can see all of these fantastic vehicles here: