Monday, July 28, 2014

The ghosts of minis past...

OK, another batch of old timey minis for you!  Starting off with some Lord of the Rings figures.

There are more elaborate images of this piece in the Lord of the Rings section.

I'm not even sure if you can find these Twilight Ringwraiths any more.  I'd be bummed if I couldn't snag some of these again at some point.

The good old days of Confrontation minis!

Some old Reaper figs.  The dancing girl on the left was shown in a "Then and Now" post, where I compare the same figure painted at various points of my miniature painting over the years.  I think it spans 11 years of painting or something along those lines!

Another old doggie

Here's another pre-2010 figure.  The miniature itself must be very old, because I was told that this was GW's version of Leman Russ back in the day.  Tiny little bugger for a big bad Primarch! :-)

Compared to the new Forgeworld Primarchs, he's even tinier.

Nice little doggie...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Rail Splitter

Hmm... I guess more than one person from Illinois has earned that nickname ;-)

Proceeding with the glazing of the rail sections, I had to take care of the railroad ties.  This was the trickiest part, since the color had to be a different hue from everything else (in this case slightly more reddish) but not hamper the light and dark patterns of the rails and the ground.

You can see, as with other glazes, that I emphasized more darks around the highlight areas of the rails, and the ground.  I had to constantly be aware to shift those values quickly, so that I did not have "dark next to a dark", etc.

The meant at times that I would use my fingers to wipe away some, or a very soft tissue.

You can see the difference.  Also, keep in mind that a few subsequent layers of rust and dust will be added to this!

Eventually all five sections were ready for preliminary rust treatments.

A few Secret Weapon washes were used to keep the mixtures flowing, while still adding some color.

I would work many different rust colors into the surface, some lighter, some darker.

Most of the rust effects would be concentrated on the spikes and the power conduits.

Rails at the ready!

A comparison shot.

Side by side!!!

I just had to place one of the train cars on the rails, even though more work will be done to each!

Seeing this made me all the more anxious to get to the final images. :-)

All aboard!

Can't ride the rails without rails!

SO, that huge Wild West Exodus siege train had one more huge element that you haven't seen yet.  Rails!  Five sections, in fact.

Hard to "ride the rails" without 'em!

Just like any other Shaded Basecoat phase, the idea is to work lighter, and glaze/tint later.

So, I kept working progressively lighter and lighter, although I did switch the colors a bit in various areas, mostly so I would have an indicator for when it was time to do the glazes which way I wanted to shift the hues.

Almost there!

The ground areas are done... now I just need to do something similar to the actual rails.

As you can see, the rails themselves have more shape to them. Ready for glazing!

I put an array of glazing colors out on my "palletes".  Yes, those are Dvd holders.  I have dozens of them around the house now after burning a few thousand disks!

There were Secret Weapon washes, Vallejo glazes, Reaper liner paints, and all the usual suspects.

I think you can see in this shot how I tried to let the colors blend together... sometimes green mixing with reds or tans freely, lighter or much darker in places.  

Weathering will be added to all of it later, so once again, I have to think a few moves ahead.

Here's a comparison to one section that has not gotten any of these glazes yet.

With the darker glazes added to the ground, it was time to hit the rails with their glazes!

For the rails, I used mostly the blue and black combos.  I did toss in a little of the Secret Weapon concrete wash, since that is semi opaque, and added a neat effect.

Next up, rust and dust!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A new Caenpaign begins...

Armed with some new terrain pieces, it was time to continue the breakout of the Allied forces in northern France.  

This time, our neighbors to the north would be heavily involved.  Oh, Canada indeed!

The board prior to reserve rolls.  The Germans are heavily fortified in Caen.  Sandbags and wire, which are a pain to deal with all at once... even more so in buildings!

The first battle would involve Commonwealth combined forces of British and Canadians.

Looking out from the wooded jump off positions to the nearby town.

Reserves!  Some Desert Rats appeared to spearhead the charge into town.

Waffen SS and some Panzers were brought up by the desperate defenders.

The initial card set was balanced, which is good.  Advancing on the left would be hazardous, since there were multiple anti-tank units waiting for armored pushes. That meant that the infantry would also have to advance equally to take away some of that threat.

Also, the town in the center had valuable objectives, but the only way to get there would be with infantry.  Since only one unit was elite, the prospect of getting all the way back there was daunting.

I had mobile artillery on the right, which was a good counter to the fixed guns of the Axis.  I would have to use those two Recon 1 cards to try and boost my hand in that sector.  That also meant sneaking units from other areas towards the right.

I used the first Recon card to move the Desert Rats towards the first town.  Flush with victory in Tunisia, they were eager to get to grips with the enemy.

The Germans chose to fortify their positions even more!

The other Recon card was used to bring up the mobile artillery.  I was able to get some nice cards in exchange for these two.

More reshuffling by the Germans... the dust of tank units could be seen in the distance.

Charge!  The armor clears out the barbed wire for the subsequent advance by the Desert Rats.

A counter advance by the German infantry weakens the Armored unit, but the way is cleared for the British elite!

Monty himself orders the Desert Rats to claim the outer structures of Caen.

But a dastardly counter attack turns them into dessert for the waiting Panzer units.

It's up to the Canadians now... will they avenge their Commonwealth brethren?  Will the breakout be thwarted once again?  Wait and see!!!